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about cindy


Cindy Robinson is a Board Certified Integrative Life Coach. She specializes in working with teens/young adults or parents of teens/young adults. She loves to connect clients with their intuition by using a unique combination of these 3 methods:

walk + talk (because humans often process information better while moving - especially in beautiful nature spaces)


physiology + brain science (because humans operate best when they understand how their brain/body works)


guided meditation (because some humans benefit from connecting directly with their intuition)

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about cindy

I firmly believe every person has already within them what they need to heal and thrive. I simply serve as a tour guide to help you connect with that inner strength.
-Cindy Robinson



cindy specializes in...


struggling with childhood trauma or a mental health diagnosis (especially a combo of ADHD/OCD/Anxiety) that is impacting their ability to be the type of parent/person they want to be

who want to learn to set healthy boundaries and/or raise their self-worth

who have done the work with a therapist, but still have some residual negative thought patterns that ruminate

who have a child who is struggling with a mental health diagnosis and/or sexual/gender identity and want to know how to best support them

who feel they've lost their sense of purpose or identity outside of being a parent/spouse

who feel they have lost their intuition and often default to the needs or opinions of others because they struggle to make decisions

teens/young adults:

diagnosed with a combo of ADHD/OCD/Anxiety, and want to understand their diagnoses or themselves on a deeper level

who struggle with setting healthy boundaries, finding motivation, or having low self-worth

who have worked with a therapist, but are still struggling to understand who they are, and are likely still experiencing ruminating, dissociative, or intrusive thoughts

who are struggling to make life decisions ("adulting") or are afraid of the transition from childhood into adulthood

who are buckling under the pressure to succeed (aka "gifted kid burnout")

considering a gap year, trade program, or another alternative to traditional college but don't know where to begin


what does working with cindy look like?

Step 1: Reach out  - A free 30-min chat will be scheduled to discuss the details of your situation and whether or not Cindy is the right fit. If she is not the best fit she will likely be able to refer you to another professional.... she has a wonderful referral network of fantastic people!

Step 2: If you decide to schedule with her, ya'll will discuss what your care plan will be.  The length of time a client sees her varies and is totally individualized, however most of her clients see her for an average of 12 sessions (at a rate of $115 per 50 min session). Coaching is designed to be different from therapy, in that it is typically more appropriate for people who do not need long-term support. Here are the current locations where she sees clients:

  • West Milford Farm located in Freehome, GA (between Canton and Cumming)

  • local parks in Woodstock, Milton, and Canton, GA

  • virtual sessions (for those outside GA)

if this seems like a good fit for you, reach out. you'll know if/when you are ready!

I found Cindy through a friend’s recommendation. As a parent of teens about to transition into adulthood and college, I needed help with redefining my role as a parent of young adults. I sought her out to help me as a parent, but I really gained so much from our sessions that helped me be a better version of myself. I have gained the skills necessary to improve and reshape my relationship with my teens and myself.


Cindy was amazing for both of my teenage girls. They are each so very different and had completely different needs and she helped both! They loved their sessions and both were visibly more confident and self-aware after our time with her. They love knowing they have someone to touch base with when they lose their center. Being a teenager is always hard…and in the world today it’s even harder. My girls both felt comfortable with Cindy from day one. She saw their strengths and who they really are and helped them see it is not only ok but crucial that they be who they are. They learned to want to set goals and become better versions of themselves instead of changing to be who the world tells them to be. That unconditional acceptance mixed with tough love is perfect for teens. We are all grateful for Cindy and have recommended her to several families already!


Cindy's work has done so much for me. I think about our sessions almost daily- I feel like a different person from a few months ago. I go on walks all the time without my headphones because I actually enjoy spending time with my thoughts now. I haven’t felt this free and joyful in four or five years! 

- parent client
- young adult client
- teen client


tell the truth. to yourself first, then to the children.

- Maya Angelou


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