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What is Psilocybin-Assisted Healing?

A healing method that is aided by the use of psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms.

Why Do I Offer Psilocybin-Assisted Healing Coaching?

Supporting people through their psilocybin-assisted healing experience is not illegal - but it is risky. Associating myself with psychedelics will conjure certain images from potential clients that - while inaccurate - will certainly give them pause. Many will also wonder why I would support the use of a substance that is currently illegal in the state in which I reside. So why is it worth the risk? 

I spent 3+ years researching psilocybin before integrating it into my own healing process. Prior to my therapeutic experience, I had never used any illegal drug of any kind. I’m a rule follower, a goodie two shoes, and certainly do not fit the stereotype of a person who does psychedelic mushrooms. After a lot of resistance and reflection, I realized that is exactly why someone “like me”needs to step out and align themselves with this method of healing.


I saw first-hand how effective, efficient, and safe this method of healing was. I now feel a sense of urgency and responsibility to make this type of healing more accessible and less taboo for “my people”: the selfless and self-deprecating women of the world who have been quietly carrying their healing process on their shoulders while juggling businesses, marriages, PTA meetings - and bearing the burden of generational traumas and the struggles of their own children. I know if more people like that are given access to a deeper healing the ripple effect will be immense.

So, here I am. The rule follower in me is alive and well - only the rules I am following are the ones of my own ethics, heart, and intuition. If you are curious about psilocybin-assisted therapy, and would like someone to walk you through the intention setting and integration processes, I am here.

psilocybin-assisted healing

research on psilocybin for therapeutic purposes


Who is a good candidate for receiving Psilocybin-Assisted Healing coaching from me?

My personal practice method is best for:

  • Someone who wants to deepen their healing process and/or go beyond healing into self-liberation

  • Someone who wants a deeper relationship and connection with themselves or others. 

  • Someone who wants to reveal and release patterns in their lives that no longer serve them.

  • Someone who wants to gain self-awareness, insight, or joy

  • Someone who wants to turn the volume down on ruminating or anxious thoughts

  • Someone who wants to examine and heal generational patterns and wounds

Who is NOT a good candidate for receiving Psilocybin-Assisted Healing coaching from me?

While psilocybin-assisted healing and therapy can be excellent for many populations, I am very discerning about who is a good fit for my practice. Therefore, these are clients I would not be a good fit for:​

  • Anyone who wants to use psychedelics primarily for recreational purposes

  • Anyone who has not experienced any treatment method (therapy, etc.) prior and this is their first step towards healing 

  • Anyone diagnosed or suspect of a diagnosis of bipolar, schizophrenia, or psychotic disorders

  • Anyone under age 25 (due to research on brain myelination - when the brain reaches a more permanent developmental stage)

  • Anyone with a serious heart condition

  • Anyone taking SSRIs, Xanax, and/or Adderall

  • Anyone who would be a better candidate for psilocybin-assisted therapy or some other form of intensive therapy

  • Anyone actively struggling with addiction, self-harm, major depression/suicide risk, or unmanaged trauma responses



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