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This is in-person book club (located in Cherokee County, GA) designed for parents who:

(1) want to raise kids who can create and sustain their own contentment + happiness

(2) want to keep a relationship with them in the process.

(3) want to create or maintain an open + peaceful space at home


The goal of this book club is to connect parents with their children on a deeper level. The tools given are directed towards creating an open, loving home that allows room for growth and healing for both the adults and the children.

Details: TBD based on the results of the Parent Book Club Survey - please fill out the form by clicking the button that says "Fill Out Survey" by February 5th

Includes: book + 4-5 book club groups + a yummy local treat

Cost: $75 total

This book club series will be recorded and used as a resource for families who may not otherwise have access to leading-edge resources. For that reason, it is important that those who register plan to (1) attend the meetings (2) do the reading and (3) bring a curious mind and an open heart. Anyone who does participate will get much more than your money's worth. I intend to pour my whole heart into it and make this much more than "just" a book club. It will be more like group healing. So please do not register if you are not sure you have the bandwidth to fully commit.

Please fill out the survey by February 5th, details will be released the following Monday.

book club



tell the truth. to yourself first, then to the children.



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